"The Power of Art in Our Lives"

As we grow older, we tend to lose the connection with play and doing creative activities just for fun and to connect with ourselves.

We believe that if we're not doing something productive, we're wasting time or that if something isn't "beautiful" to everyone, it's not worth doing. We might also think that making art takes a long time or that we need to follow a thousand tutorials to create beautiful things.

I used to think this way too. But after having gone through several difficult moments, life reminded me that time is valuable and it's okay to take time for ourselves and do the things we enjoy and allow us to connect with ourselves.

And then in 2017, I bought my first box of watercolors and started painting. Just painting for the sake of it added color to my gray days and I understood the power that art has for the soul.

That's when my mission was born: to make it easier for adults to do art by providing them with already traced drawings so they can save time thinking about what to paint and Art Pads with designs ready to paint and share.

Art shouldn't be a sporadic activity. It should be a habit because it improves our quality of life and makes us feel really good.🎨❤️

Let's keep creating💫



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