5 Amazing Benefits of Painting

In our adult life sometimes we find it hard to find the time to make art even if we remember how good we felt the last time we spent time doing something creative

Today we want to share with you 5 benefits of painting to show you that making art is good for us, it keeps us away from stress, anxiety and depression, makes us happy, exercises our brain, among other positive things, thus becoming an activity that beyond seeming like a luxury or a hobby is a necessary action that we should incorporate into our daily lives.


1_Improve your creative ability, logical reasoning and concentration

Every time we do something new we allow the brain to incorporate new information that will later serve as a tool to find more creative solutions to any future situation in all areas of our lives_iperartika

Photo by Dollar Gill

When we start to paint we put the brain to work by pushing it to create new images that do not currently exist in our tangible world. 

Every time we do something new we allow the brain to incorporate new information that will later serve as a tool to find more creative solutions to any future situation in all areas of our lives.

In addition, this effort of the brain that we make when we paint makes the left hemisphere exercise and improve its capabilities. This makes us develop our logical reasoning and concentration.


2_Improve the way you communicate


Photo by Matthieu Jungfer

By developing our artistic side, we find ways to communicate not only with others but also with ourselves

When we take the time to think about expressing what we feel through a drawing or a painting, even if it is just the simple fact of thinking about the colour palette with which we are going to paint, we are unconsciously creating a language, forms of expression that help us to unburden ourselves, to meditate and delve into what we really feel and to be able to get it out into the world gives us an enormous, beautiful and necessary spiritual and mental freedom.


3_Reduces stress levels, depression and anxiety


Photo by Alice Dietrich 

Painting reduces depression and anxiety because when we paint we concentrate to the maximum and leave negative thoughts and worries outside. 

Focusing on painting puts all those worries aside and improves our mood almost instantly. And do you know what this also causes? That as soon as you finish your work you feel like you want to start painting again soon!


4_Benefits your motor skills



Photo by Bench Accounting

Painting progressively improves fine motor skills, which means that every time we paint again we will be doing it with more dexterity than the previous time. In the case of children, painting is very important for the development of this type of motor skills, and in adults it helps to exercise it.


5_It amuses us and gives us pleasure

 5 Amazing Benefits of Painting_iperartika

Photo by Eddy Klaus

What is more pleasurable than spending time doing something we enjoy? Doing an artistic activity is vital to keep us happy and relaxed, thus increasing both our life expectancy and quality of life. 

Therefore, painting is good for our health as it makes us happy, stimulates our ideas and, especially, tunes up our serotonin, the hormone of happiness.

You have no more excuses to include painting among the habits that are good for you. And if you still don't know where to start, are afraid of the blank page, want to avoid the itch of "what can I draw?" and start painting in the next 5 minutes, we thought of all that for you and created all these designs for you to create something beautiful today. 

So make yourself a fruit tea, pick some good music and get painting

ciervo pintado en acuarela sobre block de hojas de acuarela, plantillas para pintar, IPERARTIKA


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% amazing benefits of Painting_IPERARTIKA



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Let's keep creating!

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